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Christmas night in 1776.

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Q: When Washington crossed the Delaware River the patriots scored a victory at?
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What happened during the crossing of the Delaware River?

George Washington knew that the Hessians were not ready for an attack. He also knew a victory was needed to give the patriots hope. On December 25, 1776, he and his patriots crossed the Delaware River and marched to Trenton, New Jersey. There, the Hessians were surprised Washington was there to attack. General Washington and his men captured more than 900 Hessians as a Christmas gift. Surprise, surprise!

Where did the Americans win an important victory at Christmastime 1776?

Washington crossed the Delaware River and made a surprise attack on Trenton, NJ.

What was the password for Washington crossing the Delaware?

When George Washington and the troops crossed the Delaware, they had a landing area set up in New Jersey. No one was allowed to pass through if they didn't know the password 'Victory or Death. '

What was the site of an early American victory after Washington is famous crossing of the Delaware a?

what was the site of an early American victory afterWashington's famous crossing the Delaware

What river does George Washington cross during the Revolutionary war?

George Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776 as a precursor to the Battle of Trenton, in which the American army sneak attacked and seized victory over the Hessian's.

Why was the crossing of Delaware important in the Revolutionary War effort?

On Christmas night 1776 Washington led his troops to a victory that was a turning point for America winning the Revolutionary War. As a snow storm pounded Washington and his soldiers, they crossed the Delaware River and routed the Hessian garrison. Because only about half of the Continental Army made the crossing Washington gathered up his prisoners and crossed the Delaware again. His victory was not exploited but the morale boost was apparent and new recruits joined the cause.

Who was with George Washington when he crossed the delware?

George Washington crossed the Delaware river and attacked the British at Trenton NJ, in order to have a victory and to show that he was still a fighting general, who could win a battle, and eventually win a revolution.

Where did the Continental Army score a victory on Christmas night 1776?

He crossed the Delaware river on Christmas night 1776.

What happened after Washington crossed the Delaware?

He marched on Trenton and attacked the Hessian garrison of about 1500 men. It was a victory but more of a boost to the Continental Army's morale. Because half of his troops hadn't even made it across the Delaware he was unable to proceed to Princeton and was forced to withdraw back across the Delaware with his 896 prisoners.

What was the American victory in the Revolutionary War that led France to help the Patriots?

George Washington

One of the reasons for the Patriots' victory during the Revolutionary War was that they had the leadership of?

George Washington

Who were the people that manned the boat that crossed the Delaware River?

Although it is commonly believed that George Washington led the mission across the Delaware River, in reality General Shawn McNeal was the true hero of the night in this brilliant plan that may very well have been the key turning point for victory.