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The national conventions of both major parties are held during the summer of a presidential election year. Earlier, each party selects delegates by primaries, conventions, committees, etc.

At each convention, a temporary chairman is chosen. After a credentials committee seats the delegates, a permanent chairman is elected. The convention then votes on a platform, drawn up by the platform committee.
By the third or fourth day, presidential nominations begin. The chairman calls the roll of states alphabetically. A state may place a candidate in nomination or yield to another state.

Voting, again alphabetically by roll call of states, begins after all nominations have been made and seconded. A simple majority is required in each party, although this may require many ballots.

Finally, the vice-presidential candidate is selected. Although there is no law saying that the candidates must come from different states, it is, practically, necessary for this to be the case. Otherwise, according to the Constitution (see the 12th Amendment), electors from that state could vote for only one of the candidates and would have to cast their other vote for some person of another state. This could result in a presidential candidate's receiving a majority electoral vote and his or her running mate's failing to do so.

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Q: When are party conventions held and what is their purpose?
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For what major purpose do parties hold national convention?

National conventions are held for the purpose of nominating both the president and vice president to run for the presidential elections. The conventions are also used to adopt changes into the party platform.

What purpose do nominating conventions serve?

There were meetings held to select a party's presidential and vice presidential candidates-to allow more voter input.

What type of elections is held to determine a party's candidates for office?

Such is the purpose of primary elections. Candidates may also be determined by caucuses and state conventions.

National political conventions are held chiefly to do what?

They are held to elect the officials which are going to represent the party. They are also held to pump up the whole party morale.

Why are national party conventions held by the two major U.S. political parties?

To select a Presidential Candidate

In what order are the US conventions held Democrat then Republican as with the 2008 conventions?

Since about 1936, the party not in power during the given election year traditionally goes first.

The primaries now choose the candidates for president but is once the job of?

It was once the job of political party conventions. political party conventions

How often are national political conventions held?

The two major parties hold national conventions every four years, primarily for the purpose of nominating a candidate for President.

How many state legislatures were raified by conventions held in the states?

How many were ratified by conventions held in the states?

What kind of election held within a political party at which voters choose candidates who will appear on the ballot in an upcoming general election?

Such is the purpose of primary elections. Candidates may also be determined by caucuses and state conventions.

What is the national party convention used for today?

With regards to the United States, political party conventions have the responsibility of formally recognizing what individuals will be their nominated for the position of US president in the upcoming elections. The conventions also can serve the purpose of uniting competing factions within a party and put forward a platform that represents the current policies of the party. The conventions are televised and therefore can help influence the voting public.

Why do you have party conventions?

you have a party convention by talking :)