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majority-minority distric

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Q: When congressional districts are drawn in strange configurations to benefit one party over another it is called?
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Gerrymandering is the redrawing of what?

political districts to benefit a party

Gerrymandering is the redrawing of?

political districts to benefit a party

Term used when federal funds are allocated to certain states or districts in forms of projects grants or contracts?

Pork barrow is the funneling of government funding to certain states or districts, mainly to bring money into a representative's district. This spending is meant to benefit the people or businesses of a particular congressional district in exchange for campaign funding or votes..

What is the dividing a state into odd-shaped election districts to benefit a particular party or group?


What is Gerrymadering?

Gerrymandering is the practice of manipulating the boundaries of electoral districts to favor one political party or group over another. This is typically done to give one party a favorable advantage in elections by concentrating supporters in certain districts or spreading opponents across others. Gerrymandering can distort democratic representation and hinder fair elections.

Drawing of political boundaries to benefit a party or candidate?

The process of drawing congressional district lines to favor a political party is called gerrymandering. The word comes from the combination of the name Gerry and the word salamander. Gerry was the governor of Massachusetts in 1812 when the congressional districts in his state were redrawn to favor his Democratic-Republican Party. One of the words was said to resemble a salamander.

Which political term means to divide a geographic area into voting districts that give an unfair advantage to one party in elections?

I think you are thinking of Gerrymandering, but there's more to it. It's not just dividing a geographic area but dividing it into totally absurd shapes to attain the unfair advantage. Former Vice President Elbridge Gerry was the first person accused of doing so. They said that some of the congressional districts he came up with were shaped like salamanders. Gerry + salamander = Gerrymander.

What is another word for benefit?

another word for benefit is beneficial

What is the drawing of a political boundaries to benefit a party or candidate?

This practice is officially known by the colorful name of gerrymandering.

How many districts of the country were initially covered under the direct benefit transfer scheme started from January 1 2013?


What is external benefit?

An external benefit is a benefit that one person gains due to another person's actions

What refers to redrawing district lines for partisan advantage?

Gerrymandering is the term used to describe the process of redrawing district lines to benefit a specific political party or group. This practice aims to manipulate electoral outcomes by concentrating or diluting the voting power of certain demographics within specific districts.