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By the formal definitions of communism, China was never a communist state because control of social resources had not fallen into the proletariat nor had class divisions been removed. In effect, China was a state-led bureaucratic state which, economically, was centrally-planned. This central-planning partly discontinued during the late 1970s and has continually slowed to the modern day.

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How was the American dollar used to guide the Chinese economy
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China is still communist...


In other words...

China stopped being communist in terms of market because of rising unhappiness and a plumitting economy. China's economy had been lowering since before Maoism, or Mao Zedong/ Tse-Toung Thought, but Maoism really when bad for China. So, Deng Xiaoping carried out the Chinese Economic Reforms in the 1970s and 1980s, which introduced markets into China.

As for the above/first answer... China is partly communist, but there are many businesses in it run by American and other Capitalists. "Made in China"

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Get their economy back in shape. And have a good democracy like the U.S.

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Q: When did China stop being communist?
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