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To gain an economic and military ally, and to weaken the arch rival of France, Britain.

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Q: When did France openly support the patriots?
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What nation decided to support the Patriots after the Battle of Saratoga?


What patriot victory led to France openly declaring their support for the colonies?

The Battle of Saratoga.

In what battle did American Patriots gain support from France and Spain?

Lexington & Concord

The colonists relied on foreign support to win the American Revolution Which of the following countries offered the Patriots the greatest support?


After what victory did the french openly announced support for the US?

The Battle of Saratoga. This was a turning point in the war for the patriots and gave them enough confidence to win the battles of Yorktown and Charleston.

Who supported the patriots in the Revolutionary War?

Spain and France supported the patriot's war effort.

What country supported the colonies in their fight for independence?

France jumped in on the side of the Americans after they won a decisive victory at the Battle of Saratoga. France waited to see if America had a chance of winning against France's rival, Great Britain before they supported the colonies. They had provided some military assistance covertly prior to Saratoga, but after that they sent in a 10,000 man Army and the French Navy and became openly allied with the Patriots. Without France's support, America probably would not have become an independent country at that time because of the huge monetary and military support.

What support did the patriots have?

The French Supported the patriots of the 13 colonies.

Why did Spain become allies of the patriots?

They saw that France had allied with the patriots and knew that the Patriots had a chance of winning.

Who where the European allies of the patriots?


How did Benjamin Franklin help in war?

He traveled to France to get help from European nations.

What event led France to aid Americans in the first place?

The victory at the battle of saratoga boosted France's confidence in the patriots.