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Q: When did Garrick Tremain start painting?
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When was Garrick Tremain born?

Garrick Tremain was born in 1941.

What is the birth name of Eddie Garrick?

Eddie Garrick's birth name is Edward Garrick.

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In Johnny Tremain what year did the American Revolution War start?

December 12, 1774

What reading grade level is Johnny Tremain?

Johnny Tremain is 14 years old at the start of the book, which spans about 2 years from 1773 to 1775.

What is the birth name of Brad Garrick?

Brad Garrick's birth name is Bradley Peter Boyle Garrick.

How tall is Garrick Lindeman?

Garrick Lindeman is 6'.

When was The Garrick Gaieties created?

The Garrick Gaieties was created in 1925.

When did Michael Garrick die?

Michael Garrick died in 2011.

When was Michael Garrick born?

Michael Garrick was born in 1933.

When was George A. Garrick born?

George A. Garrick was born in 1917.