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George Burritt Sennett died in 1900.

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Q: When did George Burritt Sennett die?
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When was George Burritt Sennett born?

George Burritt Sennett was born in 1840.

When did Elihu Burritt die?

Elihu Burritt died in 1879.

When did Henry Burritt die?

Henry Burritt died in 1872.

When did Stephen Burritt die?

Stephen Burritt died in 1844.

When did Blackleach Burritt die?

Blackleach Burritt died on 1794-08-27.

When did Mack Sennett die?

Mack Sennett died on November 5, 1960 at the age of 80.

When did Martin Sennett Conner die?

Martin Sennett Conner died on 1950-09-16.

When did Maryellen Sennett die?

Maryellen Sennett died on November 23, 2004, in Coronado, California, USA of heart failure.

What has the author Lewis L Burritt written?

Lewis L. Burritt has written: 'The Burritt family in America'

When was Stephen Burritt born?

Stephen Burritt was born in 1759.

When was Blackleach Burritt born?

Blackleach Burritt was born in 1744.

When was Henry Burritt born?

Henry Burritt was born in 1791.