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George Farrow died in 1980.

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Q: When did George Farrow die?
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When was George Farrow born?

George Farrow was born on 1913-10-04.

When did James Farrow die?

James Farrow died in 1892.

When did Cee Farrow die?

Cee Farrow died in 1995.

When did Joseph Farrow die?

Joseph Farrow died in 1692.

When did Samuel Farrow die?

Samuel Farrow died in 1824.

When did Ernie Farrow die?

Ernie Farrow died in 1969.

When did Thomas Farrow die?

Thomas Farrow died on 1916-04-15.

When did Kenneth Farrow die?

Kenneth Farrow died on 2007-03-30.

When did David Farrow Maxwell die?

David Farrow Maxwell died in 1985.

When did William Henry Farrow die?

William Henry Farrow died in 1876.

When did John Farrow die?

John Farrow died on 1963-01-27.

What has the author Anthony Farrow written?

Anthony Farrow has written: 'George Moore' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation