When did George Foggo die?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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George Cafego died on 1998-02-09.

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George Foggo died in 1869.

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Q: When did George Foggo die?
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George Foggo was born in 1793.

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James Foggo died in 1860.

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When was James Foggo born?

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When was Ken Foggo born?

Ken Foggo was born on 1943-11-07.

When was Mark Foggo born?

Mark Foggo was born on 1950-10-30.

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What has the author Edward Abraham Foggo written?

Edward Abraham Foggo has written: 'Sermon on the restoration of the interior of Christ Church, Philadelphia, November 11, 1882 / by Edward A. Foggo' -- subject(s): Conservation and restoration, Christ Church (Philadelphia, Pa.), Sermons, Church maintenance and repair

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