When did George Simms die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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George Simms died in 1991.

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Q: When did George Simms die?
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When was George Simms born?

George Simms was born in 1910.

What has the author George A Simms written?

George A Simms has written: 'Pheelim O'Rooke's curse'

When did Arthur Simms die?

Arthur Simms died in 1921.

When did Charles Simms die?

Charles Simms died in 1819.

When did Royston Simms die?

Royston Simms died in 1978.

When did James Simms die?

James Simms died in 1915.

When did Willie Simms die?

Willie Simms died on 1927-02-26.

When did Ernie Simms die?

Ernie Simms died on 1971-10-11.

When did Charlie Simms die?

Charlie Simms died on 1935-07-20.

When did Frederick Richard Simms die?

Frederick Richard Simms died in 1944.

When did Simms Taback die?

Simms Taback died on 2011-12-25.

When did Henry Simms die?

Henry Simms died on 1747-06-17.