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George Horsfield died in 1956.

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Q: When did George Horsfield die?
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When was George Horsfield born?

George Horsfield was born in 1882.

When did Thomas Horsfield die?

Thomas Horsfield died in 1859.

When did Thomas Walker Horsfield die?

Thomas Walker Horsfield died in 1837.

When was Thomas Horsfield born?

Thomas Horsfield was born in 1773.

What is Geoff Horsfield's birthday?

Geoff Horsfield was born on November 1, 1973.

When was Geoff Horsfield born?

Geoff Horsfield was born on November 1, 1973.

When was Arthur Horsfield born?

Arthur Horsfield was born on 1946-07-05.

When was Thomas Walker Horsfield born?

Thomas Walker Horsfield was born in 1792.

What has the author B Horsfield written?

B. Horsfield has written: 'The great ocean business'

What has the author Richard S Horsfield written?

Richard S. Horsfield has written: 'An introduction to biomechanics'

What has the author Stephen Horsfield written?

Stephen Horsfield has written: 'Mobile data and the KROC occam compiler'

What has the author Keith Horsfield written?

Keith Horsfield has written: 'Analysis and modelling of branching systems' 'The lung'