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George Washington created the Cabinet in 1789 because he thought he needed advisors. The Cabinet is a group of men and women who are the President's closest advisors.

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it started in 1793

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Q: When did George Washington create the Cabinet?
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What was Hamilton's Position In Washington's cabinet?

Hamilton's position in George Washington's Cabinet was the Secretary of Treasury

What were George Washington's advisors called?

A cabinet A cabinet

Why did the president create the cabinet?

The Cabinet was created by George Washington, the first President of the United States. He appointed four Cabinet members to help him in fulfill his responsibilities and give him advice.

Who started The Cabinet?

The one that started the cabinet was George Washington

Who started the Cabinet System?

George Washington

What was the cabinet of George Washington?

5 departments

Who created the role of the cabinet?

1789, by George Washington

Which president created the cabinet?

George Washington in 1789.

What ear did George Washington appoint his cabinet?


Who elected Ernest Moniz for cabinet?

George Washington did.

What people made up the cabinet?

George Washington made up the cabinet when he was president.

What does George Washington's cabinet and Barack Obama's cabinet have in common?

Not enough storage space?