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George Washington took office in

30 April 1789.

The day is not known (so far as I know) but the year is 1797.

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1779 i think

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Q: When did George Washington term end?
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Why wasn't George Washington elected for a third term?

the constitution denied George Washington a third term

Who is the only president that didn't live in Washington DC?

George Washington was president before the capital was built. Adams moved there near the end of his term.

How did George Washington spiritual life affected to his term of office?

how does george washington spiritual life affected life to his term of office

When was George Washington re-elected?

George Washington was elected to a second term in 1792.

What year was George Washington elected to his 2nd term as president?

George Washington ran unopposed and was elected to his second term in 1792. He declined to run for a third term.

What did George Washington say about a third term in office?


When did SS George Washington end?

SS George Washington ended on 1919-11-28.

When was George Washington elected for his 2 term?

4 years after his first term

What was Washington's term in office?

George Washingtons term in office was from 1789 to 1797.

When did George Washington become president of US for the second term?

Washington began his second term on March 4, 1793.

Was it George Washington's plan to be president for two terms?

US President George Washington had health problems. He was seriously thinking about not serving a second term. In fact he even had a farewell address prepared to end his presidency after four years. As events happened, Washington did serve a second term.

Who became presedant in 1809?

George Washington was elected to a second term that year.