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John Collier Jones died in 1838.

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Q: When did John Collier Jones die?
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When was John Collier Jones born?

John Collier Jones was born in 1770.

When did John Collier - reformer - die?

John Collier - reformer - died in 1968.

When did John Collier - artist - die?

John Collier - artist - died in 1934.

When did John Collier - writer - die?

John Collier - writer - died in 1980.

When did John G. Collier die?

John G. Collier died in 1995.

When did John A. Collier die?

John A. Collier died on 1873-03-24.

When did John Collier - caricaturist - die?

John Collier - caricaturist - died in 1786.

When did John Howell Collier die?

John Howell Collier died on 1974-12-01.

When Did John Payne Collier die?

September 17, 1883

What is the birth name of Lois Collier?

Lois Collier's birth name is Jones, Madelyn.

When did John D. Jones die?

John D. Jones died in 1914.

When did John Jones of Ystrad die?

John Jones of Ystrad died in 1842.