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Paul F. Jones died on 1960-07-07.

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Paul Jones - judge - died on 1965-08-04.

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Q: When did Paul F. Jones die?
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When was Paul F. Jones born?

Paul F. Jones was born in 1909.

When did Paul C. Jones die?

Paul C. Jones died in 1981.

When did Paul R. Jones die?

Paul R. Jones died in 2010.

When did Marshall Paul Jones die?

Marshall Paul Jones died in 1985.

When did Paul 'Wine' Jones die?

Paul 'Wine' Jones died in 2005.

When did Robert F. Jones die?

Robert F. Jones died in 2002.

When did F. Burton Jones die?

F. Burton Jones died in 1999.

When did Paul Jones Semmes die?

Paul Jones Semmes died on 1863-07-10.

When did John Paul Jones - athlete - die?

John Paul Jones - athlete - died in 1970.

When did Paul Jones - film producer - die?

Paul Jones - film producer - died in 1968.

When did Paul Whitsun-Jones die?

Paul Whitsun-Jones died on 1974-01-14.

How did John Paul Jones die?

John Paul Jones died of jaundice, nephritis, and pneumonia.