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Q: When did Seattle become a city?
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When did Seattle become a state?

Seattle was first founded in 1851 by Luther Collins. The date generally accepted as the founding of modern Seattle, however, is 1869. This is because the town was re-incorporated with a governmental overhaul at this time.

Is Seattle the thirty first state?

Seattle has never become a US State. It is the largest city in the 42nd US State which was named Washington after the first US President.

Is the state of Seattle a democratic or Republican state?

Seattle is a city, but the city of Seattle and the state of Washington (where Seattle is) are both Democratic-leaning.

Which city is bigger Seattle or Minnesota?

Seattle is a city. Minnesota is a state.

Is Seattle a city or state?

Seattle is a city, not a state. It is in the state of Washington.

What is City University of Seattle's motto?

The motto of City University of Seattle is 'Citywise'.

When was City University of Seattle created?

City University of Seattle was created in 1973.

When was Seattle City Breakers created?

Seattle City Breakers was created in 1983.

Why is Seattle called Rainy City?

seattle is called rainy city becuse it rain over there to much. ** it does rain in Seattle a lot, but I've never heard Seattle called Rainy City", a rainy city maybe.

Which city has the nickname of 'The Emerald City'?

Seattle, Washington has the nickname of "The Emerald City."Specifically, the nickname reflects the city's lush green landscapes. Seattle is located in the northwestern coastal area of Washington state. It benefits from its marine location and frequent rain events.

What city is 600 miles south of Seattle?

city 600 miles south of seattle

What are the release dates for Jump City Seattle - 2011 Playoffs at Seattle City Hall 1-7?

Jump City Seattle - 2011 Playoffs at Seattle City Hall 1-7 was released on: USA: 29 March 2011