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When the democrats and republicans stating giving away the store.

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Q: When did china become economic power?
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Which East Asian country rose after World War 2 to become the second-largest economic power in the world?


How did Taiwan become an economic power in Asia?

In the 1980s, Taiwan had become an economic power, with a mature and diversified economy, solid presence in international markets and huge foreign exchange reserves. Its companies were able to go abroad, internationalize their production, investing massively in Asia (mainly in China and in another Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries.

How was China affected by the Great Depression?

China was severely affected by the Great Depression. The economic status of the country become worse and the general cost of living become unbearable.

When did China become a high power nation?

I'm not sure, but China will be the new Power Nation soon. Maybe in 2020.

What is the global economic power?

The largest global economic power is presently the United States. The nation of China runs a close second with the European Union close behind.

What helped China to become a great sea power under Song leadership?

Tributary systems helped China to become a great sea power under Song leadership.

Why China Become Superpower Country?

Because they have power 🔋

What helped the UK become a world economic power?

the people WHY?is because they the one who made food and find water to drink that why united kingdom become a world economic power from the people who helped kingdom

How did Hu Jintao become a leader of China?

because of power. the power of military. no mercy. its hipocracy too

How was the effect of imperialism on China different from It's effect on the US?

Both countries were colonized, but the United States went on to become a major imperial power, and China did not.

How have industrialization and urbanization changed China?

They created more unhealthy and polluted conditions. They transferred wealth to more people. They turned China into a world economic power.

When was China Economic Review created?

China Economic Review was created in 1990.