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Certain schools had there students start using computers in the late 1980's and early 1990's

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Q: When did computers get into school?
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Why do you need to have games on the school computers?

You don't need to have games on school computers. Games that are on school computers are always educational games related with spelling, typing, writing, maths, grammar, geography and most of the school subjects.

Do you get computers in school?

sure.... schools have computers. all schools have thosethats ur answeryes it depends on what school youattend.

How many computers is needed in elementary school?

It all depends on how many students that elementary school has. A school of 1000 students will require an approximate of 400 computers.

How do you get on frugooscape at school?

You usaly can't play FrugooScape on your school computers because the computer administrator, being the person who recives information from all the school computers, has control on what you can download. And even if it doesn't say anything is downloading, it usaly is. Your computers also may not have Java. School is for learning.

How have school changed over the years?


How do you remove smart filtering on school computers?

The administrator who installed the filtering will have the information. That is the person to contact for information. can you unblocked smart fiter from school computers

What is Zak working on now?

playing on computers at johnsonville school wellington new zealand playing on computers at johnsonville school wellington new zealand

Cheap school for computers in Chicago?

You should check out Comset Computers in Lakeview or Jefferson Park.

Why doesn't get blocked on school internet filters?

Its blocked on our school computers

Why do school computers suck?

School computers suck because the school purposefully buy computers with low system specifications, like a slower processor or half the RAM. They do this because they buy about 50 computers at once and want to save money because school systems lack funding. When you are old enough to pay taxes, you will understand and be very glad you had ANY computer to learn on when young.

What generation computers do you at home and at school?

Micro Computer

How can you unlock school computers?

Use a large hammer.