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1839-1842 and 1856-1860

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Q: When did opium war 1 and 2 start and end?
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What legacy did world war 1 leave behind?

It was supposed to be "the war to end all wars."

When was Harding elected?

harding was elected in 1920 after the great war or world war 1

What is the main purpose of the first opium war? Link to historic report of The Opium Wars. The Opium Wars, also known as the Anglo-Chinese Wars, lasted from 1839 to 1841[1] and 1856 to 1860,[2] the climax of a trade dispute between China under the Qing Dynasty and the British Empire. British smuggling of opium from British India into China in defiance of China's drug laws erupted into open warfare between Britain and China. This makes the british Empire; the first ever "Drug Cartell" making drug adicts of endless Chinese. It has had long lasting effect; but for the East Indian Tea companies cultivation of vast amounts of opium popies; in the Kiber pass area; there would be no opium popies in Afganistan; for the opium popy was native to Turey. The English speaking; were the original Drug Pushers; and have the audasity to call others Terrorists! They should have folowed biblical instructions: == ==

What event is most associated with bringing an end to the Progressive Era?

World War 1

Who ended the war why do we have war will war end at all is war a prevelege?

1: What war are you referring to? World war 1? World war 2? ... The fall of the Roman Empire? There have been countless wars throughout history. You need to be more specific. 2: We have war because we are human. 3: Human beings will probably always have reasons to wage war. 4: No.

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