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1: What war are you referring to? World War 1? World War 2? ... The fall of the Roman Empire? There have been countless wars throughout history. You need to be more specific. 2: We have war because we are human. 3: Human beings will probably always have reasons to wage war. 4: No.

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Q: Who ended the war why do we have war will war end at all is war a prevelege?
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Ironic about the war end all wars?

The irony is the war didn't end all wars and the peace treaty that ended the War to End all Wars was a contributing cause of the Second World War.

Who and when did the war end?

ww2 ended in 1940. England ended the war.

What did the Korean War end in?

The war ended in a stalemate.

How did the war in Korea end?

war ended in a stalemate

How did war end in Korea?

war ended in a stalemate

Did the Korean war end in?

The war ended in a stalemate.

Why did the war end in 1917?

What war are you talking about? World War I ended near the end of 1918.

What caused the anti-war movement in Vietnam to end?

When the war ended, the need to protest it ended.

How did the Vietnam War get to the end?

The North won the war, that ended it.

When did the cilvil war end?

The Civil War ended in 1865.

When did The War Illustrated end?

The War Illustrated ended in 1947.

When did A War Diary end?

A War Diary ended in 2001.