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after death of president J.F.C

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Q: When did president Johnson gain more support for social reforms?
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President Johnson gained more support for social reforms after?

The death of President Kennedy

What event helped president Johnson to gain support of social reforms?

- The assasination of JFK

What event helped President Johnson to gain support for social reforms?

- The assasination of JFK

What president wilsons social and economic reforms?

President Wilson's reforms were the Tariff Reform, Business Reform, and the Banking Reform.

What was the great society and who waS the president?

Lyndon Johnson was the President who started the Great Society programs. The Great Society was a set of domestic programs proposed or enacted in the United States on the initiative of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Two main goals of the Great Society social reforms were the elimination of poverty and racial injustice.

Medicare is a social program that was enacted during the terms of President?

lyndon Johnson It was president Johnson.

Why did Bismarck introduce social reforms?

Bismarck introduced social reforms in order to undermine the growing socialist movement in Germany, maintain social stability, and secure support for the conservative government. These reforms were aimed at addressing workers' grievances and improving social conditions to prevent the rise of socialism.

How do you use social reforms in a sentence?

Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidential legacy includes many successfull social reforms. Will the president concentrate on budget issues, foreign policy or social reforms in the inner city?

Who enacted the social program Medicare?

Medicare, which is an insurance program, was enacted through a bipartisan vote of Congress, with the support of the administration of President Lyndon Johnson.

Medicare is a social program that was enacted during the terms of what president?

President Johnson

Were there differences in the goals of the new frontier and the great society?

Yes, there were differences in the goals of the New Frontier and the Great Society. The New Frontier aimed to promote social and economic reforms, expand civil rights, and advance space exploration under President Kennedy. The Great Society, under President Johnson, focused on fighting poverty, improving education, advancing civil rights, and healthcare reforms, and expanding social welfare programs.

Medicare is a social program enacted during the terms of which President?

Lyndon Johnson.