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Q: When did the Department of Commerce become an independent executive department?
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What year did the Department of Commerce become an independent executive department?


In which year did the department of commerce become an independent executive department?

1913 :)

What year did The department of commerce become independent executive department?


What executive department promotes job creation?

The United States Department of Commerce is the executive department that is tasked with promoting the creation of jobs. The department was created in 1903.

What executive department provides assistance to American businesses?

The executive department that most often provides assistance to American business is the Department of Commerce. However, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of State also assist American businesses under certain circumstances.

What cabinet agency originally held the Department of Commerce?

The Department of Commerce was formed in 1903 as the Department of Labor and Commerce. In 1913, the Department of Labor was made a separate cabinet department.

Who is the head department of commerce?

Rebecca Blank is the head of the department of commerce

What department publishes current economies information of all types including charts of leading indicators of changes in economic condition?

department of commerce

What is the budget of Oklahoma Department of Commerce?

The budget of Oklahoma Department of Commerce is 300,000,000 dollars.

What agency is responsible for conducting a census?

Department of Commerce is responsible for the census process. "Other essential operations conducted by the Commerce Department include the constitutionally mandated decennial census..." For more information visit

Which department for business and trade?

Department of Commerce

What has the author Department of Commerce written?

Department of Commerce. has written: 'Investment in Cuba'