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The United States declared its independence on July 4, 1776. This was when the 13 colonies cut off all political affiliations with Britain.

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Q: When did the US win there indapendance?
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Why do you celebrate Indapendance day?

it is the USA-s birthday

What was the declaration of indapendance meant to do?

to declare independence from Great Britain

Where is the indapendance hall built?

the independence hall was built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How did the us play a major role in latin America?

the building of the panama canal played a huge role in South America because the us traded help with the people of panama in gaining indapendance from Chile in order to build and controle the canal.

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The US Sued did win.

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What was Thomas Jefferson most important contribution to the colony other than the Declaration of Indapendance?

He was the first to sign the declaration of Independence.

When was Win Us Over created?

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Did the US win?

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Which future president president was the author of the declaration of indapendance?

The beautifully written document was authored by Thomas Jefferson, who became president in 1801

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When was the delecoration of indapendance sighnd?

The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 1, 1776. This was done during the 2nd Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia.