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True writing, or phonetic writing, records were developed independently in four different civilizations in the world, namely Sumeria, Egypt, China (and perhaps Mesoamerica). Cuneiform writing from Sumeria originated before the 4th millennium BC, while scripts in China are thought to date from 6,000-5,000 BC.

Literature (the use of writing to tell stories) followed a full millennium after the invention of writing and the oldest literary texts that have come down to us date to to the late 3rd millennium BC.

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The first known system of writing is Sumerian Cunneiform which dates back to 3300BCE and is simple system of pictographs.

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Over 5,000 years ago.

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Q: When did writing first began?
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Where did writing first start?

Writing first began in Mesopotamia around 3200 BCE with the development of cuneiform script by the Sumerians. This early form of writing enabled the recording of information on clay tablets.

In what part of the world did writing start in?

Writing began with pictographs in caves in began in Africa.

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The first record of Chinese writing is on oracle bones from the Shang dynasty. Written Chinese probably began with pictographs and ideographs.

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