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This is a tuff question... I don't know...Do YOU? ---

Try New Orleans after Katrina ;)
Bush did...Obama acctually visited there sorta recently... ya know. research that.

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President Barack Obama has visited all 50 States as of November 2015. You could write to the White House Historian to get a comprehensive list for Presidents and their dates of US travel.

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A century ago, when travel was more difficult and time-consuming, presidents did not spend as much time visiting distant cities. But these days, thanks to air travel (and Air Force One), it is much easier for the president to get away from Washington DC and speak to the voters in other locations. Sometimes, the president's visit is political-- part of a campaign, to get support in that city. But at other times, the president visits to accept an award, promote a policy, or make an appearance to benefit a charity or a cause he supports. Barack Obama has indeed visited all 50 states (although it took him a while to finally do it), but most modern presidents have made the effort to at least go to such major cities as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago or Houston, as well as visiting some of the smaller cities as time permits.

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Q: When has a president visited US cities in distress?
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Most US presidents in modern times have visited areas that were experiencing natural disasters. Partially to gauge damage, meet with local leaders to determine what aid was needed, bolster morale of the citizens, and it looks good politically. In early years, rapid travel for long distances was not possible, so they did not.