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At noon on the 20th in January. The 20th Amendment states: "The terms of the President and Vice-President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January." The new President and VP take office immediately upon conclusion of the preceding terms.

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Q: When in January does the president take office?
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On what date does the president take office?

January 20th

Which day does the president take the oath of office?

January 20 is the date the president is sworn in.

When will new president and vice president take office?

January 20, 2009

When does the President actually take office?

January 21 2009

When does the President take office?

The president takes office on January 20th following the November election. See the 20th Amendment to the Constitution.

In what month do the president vice president senators and congressman take office?


What month does the us president take office?

January The electoral college is elected in November and the President is elected in December, but the President is sworn with the oath on January 20th!

The president term in office ends at noon in what year of office?

The new President will take oath for the office January 20th 2017. At this time President Barack Obama will no longer be President.

If a president is elected in November when does he take office?

January 20th (After Election)

What month is the president inaugaratd?

New presidents take office on January 20.

When are the president and vice president elect inagurated?

They take office on January 20 of the year following their election.

When do president's take their oath of office?

They assume office at noon on January 20, according to Amendment XX.