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Log Rolling LY!

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Q: When members of Congress vote with colleagues in the expectation that the favor will be returned it is called?
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According to the cue-taking model?

members of Congress make decisions by checking how key colleagues intend to vote on a bill.

How do members of congress make decisions?

After the passage of the 17th Amendment, all members of Congress are now elected by popular vote of their district or state. Should a vacancy occur after an election, it is up to the individual state to decide how to fill that vacancy for the remainder of the term. Some states stipulate a special election, others allow the governor to appoint someone, and a few have the state legislature appoint someone.

How many minorities are in congress?

Congress has a total of 433 members. There is currently, a total of 78 members of Congress that are minorities.

How many members of congress owned slaves?

how many members of congress owned slaves how many members of congress owned slaves

What did most congress members do for a living?

Most members of congress are lawyers.

Is with colleagues a collective noun?

No, the term 'with colleagues' is a prepositional phrase.The noun colleagues is a plural, common, abstract noun; a word for associates; fellow workers or fellow members of a profession.The noun 'colleagues' is the object of the preposition 'with' in the example term.

Who has control of congress?

members of congress

Who are members of the congress?

The members of Congress are Representatives (in the House of Representatives) and Senators (in the Senate).

What jobs are held by members of congress?

They're members of Congress.. that's their job.

What types of elections are regulated by the constitution?

the election of members of congress

Why do members of Congress pass pork and earmarks?

because they help members of Congress get reelected

What is the total number of members in congress?

there are 100 members in senate and 435 members in the house of representatives so there are 535 total members in congress :]