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When only one person is nominated, a vote is unnecessary.

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Q: When only 1 person is nominated what is the procedure for the secretary to cast one vote for that candidate?
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A person running for reelection?

a person who is running for office is a candidate

How is a person nominated to be a candidate for vice president?

Candidates for President get to choose their own running mates.

What is the difference between nominating and electing a candidate?

When a person is nominated they are put up as a candidate, but they are not elected until there is an election and voted into office by the people voting.

Is The Secretary of State is a cabinet member?

The Secretary of State is appointed by the President of the US, subject to approval by the Senate

What is the dictionary or meaning of nomination?

The act of naming or nominating; designation of a person as a candidate for office; the power of nominating; the state of being nominated., The denomination, or name.

Who is a person seeking election to office?

A person who is nominated to be a candidate for election is a nominee, although this term is often used interchangeably with candidate. Candidates may also be called incumbents if they are already serving in the office for which they are hoping to be re-elected. The term challengermight also be used for a person who is running against an incumbent.

Can a secretary be nominated if he is absent at election day?

Nominations customarily take place in advance of elections, therefore the fact that a person who was nominated for the office (and presumably accepted, since their name was on the ballot) happens to be absent on the day of the voting, is immaterial.

What is the difference between candidate and nominee?

A candidate is someone who is seeking a particular position or award, while a nominee is someone who has been officially proposed or suggested for a position or award. Essentially, a nominee is a candidate who has been selected as the preferred choice by a party or committee.

A what is a person who seeks office?

A person who runs for public office is a candidate, like a presidential candidate.

What do you call a person who is nominated?

A nominee.

A person selected to vote for their party's candidate?


What does the word candidate mean?

The word candidate is most used when a person is trying to take a role in a higher up position. A person running for chairman or mayor would also be known as a potential candidate.