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He have high charisma.

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Q: When president feel that they have strong popular support from the nation?
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What item represents one of the greatest sources of power for a president.?

strong popular support

What item represents one of the greatest sources of power for a president?

strong popular support

In the splendid little war what was the mood of the US Army?

Morale was high, they had strong public support and the support of Congress and the President.

Why was there such strong popular support for McCarthy's anti Communist crusade in the early 1950s?


What are the reason that the nation need a strong president?

Even the wisest president with the most carefully planned program, will face opposition. If he is not strong, he will hesitate, waffle and back down before anything gets done. However, he can not just be strong, he must be politic; he must be able to convince opposition that he is right. He must able and willing to make small compromises in order to get his main program passed. How much a strong president is needed varies. A strong president is especially needed if the nation faces problems that only the government can solve, such as war or runaway inflation. A weak or ineffective president can enhance the need for a strong one.

Did President Theodore Roosevelt oppose conservation of natural resources in support of industrial interests?

No. He gave strong support to saving natural resources.

When are a president's policy initiatives most successful?

They are supported by the electorate and the Congress.

What was the KKK like during the 1920s?

It was strong across the nation, largely, but not entirely, because of its support and enforcement of National Prohibition.

Did President Adams attempt to uphold strong nationalistic principles in a time of growing support for sectionalism and states' rights?


From roughly 1900 to 1960 a strong showing in presidential primaries?

enabled a candidate to demonstrate popular support, but did not ensure nomination

Why might a presidents legislative proposal receive strong public support from the nation but opposition from congress?

Any controversial issue is likely to get "strong" support - say 45% to 55%. Congressmen are supposed to be a little more thoughtful, better informed and a little wiser than the great masses. Presidents are often politicians and propose what they think will attract the most votes, not necessarily what is best for the country. Congress tends to favor what is popular where the live and some issues are more popular with certain areas or segments of the population.

What is a strong belief in ones country?

A strong belief in one's country is known as patriotism. It involves love, pride, and loyalty towards one's nation, often accompanied by a desire to support and defend its interests.