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If the name already ends in an "s", then use "s'" Or example: "The Jones' new house is cool" "The McCain's new house is not cool" If the name already ends in an "s", then use "s'" Or example: "The Jones' new house is cool" "The McCain's new house is not cool"

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you add a " 's "when something or someone belongs to that person or thing example - belonging to a thing - the dog's bone - the dog's owner another example - belonging to a person - Susan's daughter - Mary's house. you add a " s " when there more then one thing or person example - three dogs or ten cats. persons is not really a word so its better to say people or people

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Q: When to use s' or 's for a person's last name?
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Can an apostrophe S go after the letter s in a persons last name?

Yes, you can use an apostrophe s to show possession even if the name ends in Z.

What is a Longfellow?

Longfellow is a persons last name. It is not super common but a famous US poet in the 1800's had this last name.

When a persons last name ends in z do you add 's or z' to show possession?

You add 's

Do you use an apostrophe after a last name ending is s?

== == == ==

What is last name?

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When a persons last name ends in z and you need to show possession what do you do?

*assuption* treat like an s i.e.: ¨He left Mr.Zezyz' lunch back in the bus.¨

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Its Shakespeare.

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A monogram can have one letter or two letters or three letters, A one letter monogram has a single character of the alphabet, usually either the person's last name or first name. If your name is Sally Johnson, you can use either "S' or "J" for your single letter monogram. A double letter monogram for Sally Johnson would be "S J" A three letter monogram uses the person's middle name. If Sally Johnson's middle name is Angie, the three letter monogram for her would be " S A J". Some monograms have the persons last name in a larger size font than their first and middle name. In this case the last name goes in the middle, like this: "s J a"

Do you add s or 's to a last name?


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