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Harry S Truman.

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Q: Which president has the middle name s?
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What is President Ulysses middle name?

There was no President UlyssesUlysses was the first name of President Grant; his middle initial was "S" which did not stand for anything. His full middle name was "S"

Which president had a middle name of s with no name or period?

Harry Truman

What president s middle name is a famous reindeer?

rudolf. presedent regan

What was president Kennedy's middle name?

The middle name of President Kennedy was Fitzgerald.

What is the president's middle name?

President Obama has the middle name of Hussein.

What was Andrew Jackson full name?

If you are asking for a middle name, he didn't have one. This was common in the 18th and 19th century. Actually, President John Quincy Adams might have been the first President with a middle name.

What president had Milton as a middle name?

An internet search did not find any US President with Milton as a middle name. President Nixon's middle name was Milhous.

What is president Nixons middle name?

Is there a U.S. president who last or first name starts with 'S'?

Stephen Grover Cleveland, known to us as Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of United States, is the only U.S. President with a first or last name starting with the letter 'S'. He was named Stephen Grover in honor of a local pastor, but he did not use the name Stephen as an adult. Two U.S. Presidents had middle names starting with 'S', although in both cases 'S' was the name! * President Ulysses S. Grant's birth name was Hiram Ulysses Grant, so although later--by mistake, it turns out--he was known as Ulysses S. Grant, the 'S' stood for nothing. * President Harry S. Truman is actually Harry S Truman, because has parents gave him the middle name "S" in honor of two grandfathers with different 'S' names. Nevertheless, when Harry Truman signed his name, he generally did use a period after the middle-name "S".

Who was the second president and what is his middle name?

John Adams was the second President; he did not have any middle name.

What is the middle name of President Ramon Magsaysay?

The middle name of President Ramon Magsaysay was del Fierro.

What was president Wilson 's first name?

His first name is Thomas; however he went by his middle name of Woodrow.