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George Amundson was born on 1951-03-31.

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Q: When was George Amundson born?
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When was Karl Amundson born?

Karl Amundson was born in 1873.

When was Neal Amundson born?

Neal Amundson was born on 1916-01-10.

When was Kristen J. Amundson born?

Kristen J. Amundson was born on 1949-12-03.

When was Brandon Amundson born?

Brandon Amundson was born on June 14, 1972, in Albert Lea, Minnesota, USA.

When did Karl Amundson die?

Karl Amundson died in 1938.

When did Maurice Amundson die?

Maurice Amundson died in 1944.

How tall is Brandon Amundson?

Brandon Amundson is 5' 10".

How tall is Lou Amundson?

NBA player Lou Amundson is 6'-09''.

When did Neal Amundson die?

Neal Amundson died on 2011-02-16.

What NBA team does Lou Amundson play for?

Lou Amundson plays for the Chicago Bulls.

What position does Lou Amundson play?

Lou Amundson plays power forward for the Chicago Bulls.

How much does Lou Amundson weigh?

NBA player Lou Amundson weighs 225 pounds.