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George Dupont Pratt was born in 1869.

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Q: When was George Dupont Pratt born?
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When did George Dupont Pratt die?

George Dupont Pratt died in 1935.

When was George C. Pratt born?

George C. Pratt was born in 1928.

What is the birth name of Theodore Pratt?

Theodore Pratt's birth name is Theodore George Pratt.

When was Aurélie Dupont born?

Aurélie Dupont was born in 1973.

When was Léon Dupont born?

Léon Dupont was born in 1881.

When was Jerry Dupont born?

Jerry Dupont was born in 1962.

When was Richard Dupont born?

Richard Dupont was born in 1968.

When was Gainsborough Dupont born?

Gainsborough Dupont was born in 1754.

When was Bernadette Dupont born?

Bernadette Dupont was born in 1936.

When was Pierre Dupont born?

Pierre Dupont was born in 1821.

When was Pernille Dupont born?

Pernille Dupont was born in 1967.

When was Émile Dupont born?

Émile Dupont was born in 1887.