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George Glueck was born in 1950.

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Q: When was George Glueck born?
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When was Sheldon Glueck born?

Sheldon Glueck was born in 1896.

When was Eleanor Glueck born?

Eleanor Glueck was born in 1889.

When was Nelson Glueck born?

Nelson Glueck was born on 1900-06-04.

When was Helen Iglauer Glueck born?

Helen Iglauer Glueck was born in 1907.

When did Nelson Glueck die?

Nelson Glueck died in 1971.

When did Sheldon Glueck die?

Sheldon Glueck died in 1980.

When did Eleanor Glueck die?

Eleanor Glueck died in 1972.

When did Helen Iglauer Glueck die?

Helen Iglauer Glueck died in 1995.

How do you say wish you joy in German?

"Wuensch dir Glueck" or in plural "wuensch euch Glueck".

What has the author Glueck written?

Glueck has written: 'The community use of schools' -- subject(s): Community centers, Schools

When was Larry Geller born?

Larry Geller was born on August 8, 1939, in Elmira, New York, USA.

What has the author Michael Wells Glueck written?

Michael Wells Glueck has written: 'Living among the Swiss' -- subject(s): National characteristics, Swiss, Americans, Cultural assimilation, Swiss National characteristics