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George Kahler was born on 1889-09-06.

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Q: When was George Kahler born?
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When and where was baseball player George Kahler born?

George Kahler was born September 6, 1889, in Athens, OH, USA.

When did George Kahler die?

George Kahler died on 1924-02-07.

When was Royal Kahler born?

Royal Kahler was born in 1918.

When was Otto Kahler born?

Otto Kahler was born in 1849.

When and where did baseball player George Kahler die?

George Kahler died February 7, 1924, in Battle Creek, MI, USA.

When was Erich Kahler born?

Erich Kahler was born on 1885-10-14.

When was Kris Kahler born?

Kris Kahler was born on 1983-02-13.

When was Art Kahler born?

Art Kahler was born on 1897-12-27.

When was Bob Kahler born?

Bob Kahler was born on 1917-02-13.

When was Wolf Kahler born?

Wolf Kahler was born on April 26, 1938.

What are baseball player George Kahler's physical stats?

George Kahler is 6 feet tall. He weighs 183 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

When was Ferdinand N. Kahler born?

Ferdinand N. Kahler was born on 1864-11-20.