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George Letellier was born in 1957.

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Q: When was George Letellier born?
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When was Jean-Marie Letellier born?

Jean-Marie Letellier was born in 1767.

When was Blaise-Ferdinand Letellier born?

Blaise-Ferdinand Letellier was born on 1862-06-22.

When was Luc Letellier de St-Just born?

Luc Letellier de St-Just was born in 1820.

When was Joseph Étienne Letellier de Saint-Just born?

Joseph Étienne Letellier de Saint-Just was born on 1880-02-25.

When did Jean-Marie Letellier die?

Jean-Marie Letellier died in 1830.

When did Blaise-Ferdinand Letellier die?

Blaise-Ferdinand Letellier died on 1930-12-15.

When did Luc Letellier de St-Just die?

Luc Letellier de St-Just died in 1881.

What has the author Brigitte Letellier written?

Brigitte. Letellier has written: 'Les actionnaires' -- subject(s): Legal status, laws, Stock exchanges, Stockholders

What has the author Robert I Letellier written?

Robert I. Letellier has written: 'A bibliography of the English novel from the Restoration to the French Revolution' -- subject(s): Bibliography, English fiction, History and criticism

When did Joseph Étienne Letellier de Saint-Just die?

Charles de Biencourt de Saint-Just died in 1623.

When was George She born?

George She was born in 1904.

When was George Fenwick born?

George Fenwick was born in 1847.