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George Napper was born in 1550.

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Q: When was George Napper born?
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When did George Napper die?

George Napper died in 1610.

Where is George Napper in Appleton?

George Napper lives in the inn~horseisle IlovehorseOne pinto server~

When was Edwin Napper born?

Edwin Napper was born in 1815.

When was Napper Tandy born?

Napper Tandy was born in 1976, in USA.

When was Robert Napper born?

Robert Napper was born on 1966-02-25.

When was L.D. 'Buddy' Napper born?

L.D. 'Buddy' Napper was born in 1918.

When was James Napper Tandy born?

James Napper Tandy was born in 1740.

When was Larry C. Napper born?

Larry C. Napper was born on 1947-11-27.

When was lane napper born?

February 9, 1992

What year was Harry Napper the artist born?


What has the author John Napper written?

John Napper has written: 'John Napper' 'Life drawing' 'Recent watercolours by John Napper' 'Recent paintings'

What is the birth name of Napper Tandy?

Napper Tandy's birth name is James Napper Tandy II.