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George Rutter was born on August 18, 1916, in Glendale, California, USA.

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Q: When was George Rutter born?
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When did George Rutter die?

George Rutter died on November 4, 2007, in Burbank, California, USA of leg infection.

When was Henry Rutter born?

Henry Rutter was born in 1755.

When was Michael Rutter born?

Michael Rutter was born in 1933.

When was Owen Rutter born?

Owen Rutter was born in 1889.

When was Peta Rutter born?

Peta Rutter was born in 1959.

When was Ronald Rutter born?

Ronald Rutter was born in 1910.

When was Tony Rutter born?

Tony Rutter was born in 1941.

When was Allan Rutter born?

Allan Rutter was born in 1928.

When was Brad Rutter born?

Brad Rutter was born on January 31, 1978.

When was William J. Rutter born?

William J. Rutter was born in 1928.

When was Frank Rutter born?

Frank Rutter was born on 1876-02-17.

When was Steve Rutter born?

Steve Rutter was born on 1968-07-24.