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George Sparkes died in 1908.

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George Sparkes was born in 1845.

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Q: When was George Sparkes born?
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What has the author Ivan George Sparkes written?

Ivan George Sparkes has written: 'Romford miscellany'

When was Bernie Sparkes born?

Bernie Sparkes was born in 1940.

When was Leonora Sparkes born?

Leonora Sparkes was born in 1883.

When was Sydney Sparkes Orr born?

Sydney Sparkes Orr was born in 1914.

When was John Sparkes born?

John Sparkes was born on 1954-01-06.

When was Reginald F. Sparkes born?

Reginald F. Sparkes was born in 1906.

When was Lindsay Sparkes born?

Lindsay Sparkes was born in 1950.

When was Brian Sparkes born?

Brian Sparkes was born in 1941.

When was Neil Sparkes born?

Neil Sparkes was born on June 6, 1967, in Kent, England, UK.

What is the birth name of Jane Sparkes?

Jane Sparkes's birth name is Jane Ashley Sparkes.

What is the birth name of Neil Sparkes?

Neil Sparkes's birth name is Neil Charles Lawrence Sparkes.

When did Brian Sparkes die?

Brian Sparkes died in 2011.