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George Truitt was born in 1756.

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Q: When was George Truitt born?
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When did George Truitt die?

George Truitt died on 1818-10-08.

When was Oadline Truitt born?

Oadline Truitt was born in 1940.

When was Olanda Truitt born?

Olanda Truitt was born on 1971-01-04.

When was Anne Truitt born?

Anne Truitt was born on 1921-03-16.

When was Greg Truitt born?

Greg Truitt was born on 1965-12-08.

When was Dave Truitt born?

Dave Truitt was born on 1964-02-18.

When was R. V. Truitt born?

R. V. Truitt was born on 1890-08-12.

When was Kathleen Truitt born?

Kathleen Truitt was born on May 29, 1982, in Hinsdale, Illinois, USA.

What has the author Sam Truitt written?

Sam Truitt has written: 'Vertical elegies'

When did Anne Truitt die?

Anne Truitt died on 2004-12-23.

When did James Truitt die?

James Truitt died on 1981-11-18.

When did R. V. Truitt die?

R. V. Truitt died on 1991-04-11.