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George Willis Pack was born in 1831.

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Q: When was George Willis Pack born?
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When did George Willis Pack die?

George Willis Pack died on 1906-08-31.

When was George Willis Ritchey born?

George Willis Ritchey was born in 1864.

When was Willis George Emerson born?

Willis George Emerson was born in 1856.

When was George Rodney Willis born?

George Rodney Willis was born in 1879.

When was George Willis Kirkaldy born?

George Willis Kirkaldy was born in 1873.

When was George Willis - Medal of Honor - born?

George Willis - Medal of Honor - was born in 1839.

When was George Willis - footballer - born?

George Willis - footballer - was born on 1926-11-09.

When was George Pack born?

George Pack was born in 1794.

When did George Willis Ritchey die?

George Willis Ritchey died in 1945.

When did Willis George Emerson die?

Willis George Emerson died in 1918.

When did George Rodney Willis die?

George Rodney Willis died in 1960.

When did George Willis Kirkaldy die?

George Willis Kirkaldy died in 1910.