When was JB Hi-Fi created?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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JB Hi-Fi was created in 1975.

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Q: When was JB Hi-Fi created?
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How much do jb hifi employees get in Australia?

Depends on how old they are.

Where can you buy parkway drive the DVD in Adelaide?

JB Hifi

Where can you buy Deltora Quest English dubbed anime?


How many JB HiFi in Australia?

ther are currently 131 stores nationwide

How do you install Liberty City?

Go to JB HiFi they will tell you. Now go away!

How do you get wifi in Pokemon HeartGold?

in a shop (eg JB-HIFI Dick smith) hope this helps

Is there a Guitar Hero game for the PC?

yea there are heaps - check at eb or jb hifi or a shop like that :)

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if you live in Australia Jb-HiFi is cheapest at $87-$89

When is the legend of Zelda skyward sword coming to Australia?

it has already come out and you can purchase it at any jb-hifi store for $79.00

What was the net income of jb hifi 2012 and 2011?

As of 2013, JB Hi-Fi is a consumer electronics store located in Australia.The net income of JB Hi-Fi in the years 2011 and 2012 was $1,846,248 in 2011 and $882,058 in the year 2012.

What store will have Pokemon Black and white?

gamestop, toysrus, EB games, kmart, coles, JB hifi playntrade, and walmart will have the games

What are some good record dealers in Australia?

1. JB hifi 2. Dicksmith 3. Woolworths 4. Aldi 5. Coles