When was Slave George born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Slave George was born in 1794.

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Q: When was Slave George born?
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When was George Latimer - escaped slave - born?

George Latimer - escaped slave - was born on 1819-07-04.

Was George Washington Carver a slave?

Yes, he was born a slave.

What is something important about George Carver?

George Washington Carver was born as a slave and died as a rich scientist

When did Slave George die?

Slave George died in 1811.

Was George Washington Carver born as a slave?

George Washington Carver was born into a slave family in Diamond, Missouri sometime before January of 1864. He is famous for the many foods and products he developed using peanuts and soybeans.

When was St. George made a slave?

St. George was not a slave. He was a soldier in the Roman army.

When did George Washington Carver get put into slavery?

George was born into slavery and raised by his parents slave owners after both his father and his mother left.

When did George Latimer - escaped slave - die?

George Latimer - escaped slave - died in 1896.

Was George Washington Carver's mom African?

Yes, his mother was African-American. She was a slave on a farm in Missouri where Carver was born. Her name was Mary. George's father's identity is unknown to date, but he is thought to be a black slave on the same farm, or a neighboring property.

Was George Washington ever a slave?


Did George Washington have a slave's?

He had hundreds.

George Carver's siblings?

George Washington Carver was born a slave between 1864 and 1865. His parents had 11 other children, who all died as babies or young children.