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It's the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution, proposed 3/21/1947 and ratified 2/27/1951

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Q: When was it decided that a president could only serve eight years?
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How many terms can a president serve in the White House?

A president can serve two presidential terms of four years. Altogether, he/she can serve eight years as president.

What are the most amounts of terms a president can serve?

A president can serve up to two consecutive terms totaling eight years.

Could Obama serve 3 terms?

no he cant because on the constitution it clearly says that each president could only serve 2 terms of president

Presidents can serve up to how many years?

Eight. Each term is 4 years. A president can serve a term and then get re-elected one time.

Who would serve if the president and the vice president could not?

Joshua Allen spader

How many terms of office could a president serve?

They can serve only two terms.

What did Richard Nixon serve eight years of?

Nixon was VP under President Eisenhower.

What is the limit on how many terms and total years to which a president can be elected?

The limit on the amount of terms a president can serve is two. Each term is four years so the limit on the amount of years a president can serve is eight. A president must be re-elected in order to serve a second term.

Did it ever happen that the president or vice president could not serve the country?

Yea, it do happened

How many years may someone serve as president?

Eight or two four year terms.

How long can a man be president?

Four years in one term, Eight years if he is elected for a second term, but in the US a President can only serve two terms for a max of eight years.

How long can a US'S vice president serve?

There are no official term limits for a vice-president, so one VP could potentially serve with more than one president.