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Smoke signals were used when tribes or groups needed to send a long distant message. No one really knows when Smoke Signals were first used but they do know that around 150 A.D, the Greeks made an alphabet for the smoke signals.

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The smoke signal is one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication. Around 150 BC, Polybius, a Greek historian, came up with the complex system by converting Greek alphabetic characters into numeric characters.

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amercian indians

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Q: When was smoke signals invented?
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When were smoke signals invented?

Smoke signals were actually invented in 900 BC. They were first invented in ancient China to protect the Great Wall of China.

What year where smoke signals?

the year they were invented, stupid!

What was used before smoke signals were invented?


How did Chinese people communicate before telephone was invented?

They used smoke signals to communicate with one another.

When was Smoke Signals released?

Smoke Signals was released on 06/26/1998.

How much money did Smoke Signals gross worldwide?

Smoke Signals grossed $7,756,617 worldwide.

How much money did Smoke Signals gross domestically?

Smoke Signals grossed $6,719,300 in the domestic market.

Information on smoke signals?

Smoke signals is a long form of long distance communication. These signals were used in Ancient China and by the Native Americans and Yamanas.

Who created smoke signals?

The American Indians created Smoke signals to communicate to other tribes over 750km away

Who invented smoke signals?

Smoke signals are traditionally associated with the original inhabitants of North America, sometimes called "American Indians", but no record is known of the original inventor. Such a method of communication was almost certainly developed independently by multiple people from different races at times before such things were recorded.

What does a row or band of CS indicate on smoke signals?

color of the smoke.

Who invented the first gram?

The first telegraphs came in the form of optical telegraph including the use of smoke signals, beacons or reflected light, which have existed since ancient times. There is no real definite answer who invented it.