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The oldest evidence of Chinese writing to be confirmed is dated from the Shang Dynasty of 1200 to 1050 BC. However, there are single unconfirmed examples that date as far back as 6500 BC.

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Written language in China started in 1600 BCE. It is younger than Egyptian writing, but is still used nowadays.

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There have recently been discoveries of tortoise-shell carvings dating back to c. 6000

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The Chinese alphabet, which is basically a set of symbols, was never truly invented. The symbols evolved over time into the symbols they use today.

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Q: When was the Chinese alphabet invented?
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How do you write Korean alphabet?

The Korean alphabet was invented in the fifteenth century and has roots in the Chinese alphabet. Each sound is represented by a symbol or letter., which are put together to form words.

How many symbols in Chinese alphabet?

There is roughly about 47,035 characters in the Chinese alphabet.

If the Chinese invented printing - why are they not credited with the creation of an alphabet?

Because what the created was not alphabetic writing. It was pictographic writing. An alphabet represents sounds. Pictograms represent whole words or ideas.

What is the eighth letter in the Chinese alphabet?

This is a trick question. Chinese does not use an alphabet. It is a pictographic system.

Where is a in the Chinese alphebet?

No such thing as the Chinese alphabet you idiot

What is different between china and Egypt's alphabet?

the china alphabet is Chinese: the Egypt alphabet is Egyptian

How you write the Chinese alphabet?

There isn't one, but there's a phonetic alphabet.

How many letters are in the alphabet does China have?

None. The Chinese "alphabet" contains words, not letters.

How do you write jerry in Chinese?

you cant... there isn't a Chinese alphabet

What was the Chinese alphabet?

china language

What letters aren't in the Chinese alphabet?

Chinese does not have an alphabet, unless you are referring to pinyin, which is used to represent Chinese sounds via the Roman alphabet.

What the a to z Chinese letter?

There is no single Chinese letter equivalent to the English alphabet letters from A to Z. Chinese characters are logograms that represent words or parts of words rather than individual sounds like letters in the alphabet. Each Chinese character corresponds to a syllable or a meaning.