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The United States Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787. This happened in Philadelphia during what we now call the Constitutional Convention. It was made up of state representatives from most of the existing states. It was passed unanimously by Representatives from twelve states.

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on September 17, 1787 on September 17, 1787 on September 17, 1787

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examples of constitutionally expressed powers would be the ability to coin money, borrow money, and levy taxes by the national government. true or false

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September 17,1787

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A+ 1789

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Q: When was the US government adopted its constitution?
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Which group supported adopted the constitution as the new government for the US?


What document created the US system of government?

The US Constitution, written in 1787 and adopted in 1789.

Where was the US Constitution adopted?


Why is 1787 important in US history?

The U.S. Constitution was ratified. Constitution Day.

True or False the Constitution established a unitary form of government?

true or false . indian constitution has adopted unitary form of government

Was the constitution adopted by the continental congress in 1776?

No. The US Constitution was ratified in 1789.

What promise helped get the constitution ratifed?

they promised that if the constitution was adopted, the government would add a bill of rights to it.

How did the constitution improve the us government in the 1790's?

the us constitution gave power to the us government

Who developed the idea of checks and balances that were adopted into the US Constitution?

The separation of power originates from the British government. James Madison pushed it when the Founding Fathers were establishing the United States Government.

What is written in the US Constitution?

The Constitution states the establishment of the government and the rules for that government. See the link below for the complete US constitution.

In 1947 japan adopted a new constitution that established a democratic syatem of government?


What event happened before the USconstitution was adopted?

the articles of confederation was the first system of government the us had before the us constitution