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in 2900 BC in Europe

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Q: When was the first oven made?
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What was the very first oven made with?

The first oven was most likely made with rocks and/or dry mud.

When and who made the first oven?


Where was the oven first made?

Vienna, Austria

How was the first toaster oven made?


Who made the first microwave oven?

Percy Spencer

Which country made the first microwave oven?


What were the accomplishments of the freedmen's bureau?

the made the first toaster oven

When was the oven invinted?

the first written report of an oven was in 1490 in Alsace, France. it was made entirely of brick and tile.

When was the nuwave oven first introduced to the mass market?

This particular kind of oven was first made in the year 1947. This type of oven would come to be known as a microwave oven and would change the way cooked meals were mad and shortening the time for various foods.

Can an already made crust from the store be put into the oven?

yes a already made crust be put in a oven

Where was the oven made?

it was made in Switzerland in 1909

Where was oven made?

it was made in Switzerland in 1909