When was the last iceage?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1ooo years ago

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Q: When was the last iceage?
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How long does an iceage last?

20,000 years . Or several million years.

How do you say iceage in spanish?

época glacial

What happened to donasours in iceage?

they were already dead

How did the ice iceage people live?

By living in caves

Will there ever be another iceage?

yes in 1500 years

Why didn't London get affected by the iceage?

Because it was'nt around then

What happens to a rock that experiences a great deal of ice wedging?

The ice will wedge the rock apart eventually. In extreme cases it can cause valleys and huge crevasses like after the last iceage.

If the Earth's axis shift will there have to be an iceage to get the polar ice caps back?


What time period did the saber-toothed tigers live?

I belive iceage?

Is the Hairytail Mole part of the Iceage?

yes, it is part of the ice age

When ice age 4 come out on dvd?

When IceAge 4 come out on DVD

Websites of the new iceage movie the dawn of the dinosaurs?

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