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Rifle cartridges have been in existence for more than 400 years. The early European designs used paper as the cartridge holding the bullet and powder charge. Metal cartridges are much recent dating to only 150 years ago in rimfire configurations.

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Q: When was the ready made gunpowder cartridge invented?
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How was gunpowder MADE?

The origin of gunpowder is steeped in mystery specifically because its origin and manufacture constituted a military secret. An apocryphal section of the book of Daniel known as "Bel and the Dragon" contains a symbolic partial recipe for gunpowder. In the story, Daniel mixes fat, pitch, and hair into something that he uses to cause a dragon idol to explode. Fat contains glycerin and is a stabilizing agent. Pitch burns steadily even when wet, and hair contains sulphur. The only essential ingredient for making gunpowder which is missing from the list is tin. Being that "Bel and the Dragon" were part of the Septuagint Greek translation of Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures completed by 132 B.C.E. but are not found anywhere in the Hebrew/Aramaic scriptures themselves, the earliest date that can be positively ascribed to that text is 132 B.C.E., though it could stem from an earlier time.

Where was the hygrometer invented?

There were many forms of hygrometers that were invented. The first one was invented by Nicolas Cryfts in 1450, however, where it was made is not mentioned.

Who invented national road?

There was no one person that invented the Nation Road

What did Elizabeth Zane do?

Elizabeth Zane was a brave women. She needed gunpowder for her Fort at Fort Henry on September 11,1782. She got it from her brother's house a short distance away. The Indians saw her with the gunpowder and fired but she was not hurt,injured or killed. She made it back safely.

Why did George Washington want a flag for his army?

The flag was all ready made by Francis Hopkins in 1776 and the fable that Washington went to Ross for a flag is made up. Congress has recognized Hopkins as the creator of the flag.

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What dynasty was gunpowder invented?

gunpowder was made in the tang dynasty and was soon used for bombs and weapons

Which Chinese person invented gunpowder?

gun powder was made too far back to answer

Who invented the ready-made?

Marcel Duchamp

Who made the first explosives?

The ancient Chinese were the first to make gunpowder - we have no record of who actually invented it.

How is ammo made?

A metal cartridge case is formed into shape by machinery. In centerfire ammo, a primer is press fitted into the primer pocket. A measured charge of gunpowder is poured into the cartridge case, and a bullet pressed into the mouth of the cartridge case, which MAY be crimped to hold the bullet in place.

What were the gunpowder aiming to achieve?

The Chinese invented it for fireworks and to use in war. The Europeans made weapons to use it.

When was the first bullet cartridge made?

In 1845, Flobert of paris invented the .22 short cartridge. Originally for self protection, the caliber has exploded in popularity and uses.

What was a luger bullet made of in 1914?

Pretty much what they are made of today. The term you want, though, is probably cartridge. That consists of a brass cartridge case. That holds the primer at the rear center, and is filled with gunpowder. The bullet (the projectile that comes out of the barrel) is made of lead, covered in a layer of copper/nickel jacketing metal.

What is the oldest rocket?

The oldest rockets could have been made in China many years ago, as they invented gunpowder and fireworks.

What is gunpowder made of?

Traditional gunpowder (also commonly called black powder) is made of carbon, sulphur and potassium nitrate (saltpeter), most recently and commonly in the ratio 15:10:75 respectively. However, gunpowder ceased to be a common propellant for firearms early in the 20th century. Modern propellants are commonly known as smokeless powders rather than gunpowder, and are based on a combination of nitroglycerin, nitocellulose,and filler materials .

What was it like before gunpowder was invented?

Before gun powder was made, there were knights and castles. Due to gunpowder, castles weren't made anymore because they couldn't stand cannon ball assaults. Knights didn't exist because after the gun was invented, there were no need for swords and jousts. Then came infantrys (soldiers on foot with weaponry).

Is gunpowder one of china's most important inventions?

Gun powder was "invented" in China. The Chinese first used it to make "firecrackers" for festivals & entertainment. Then, gun powder was put to use by Europeans to make "guns" fueled by gunpowder.